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About Stevan

Stevan is a full-time professional Children's Entertainer with over 30 years experience, who is fully insured and Safety checked, he is one of those people who has the happy knack of striking an instant rapport with children of all ages. He provides a totally stress free party catering for children of all ages, while providing everything, from invites to party bags, (7 items totaling over 2.50p) beautiful big name badges for each child, as well as pass the parcel, a giant birthday card, and 5-6 of presents for the Birthday Child.

Parties vary according to age etc. but always include safe party games, Bitza the puppet pooch (The naughtiest dog in the world) Squirrel the cheeky squirrel, and of course Magic with lots of participation all adding up to lots of FUN.

Please note Stevan is also available for Weddings and Receptions etc. as well School Christmas shows and to add that something extra for Summer Fetes and similar functions

Because we need to discuss your requirements, quotes are only given by PHONE,

 please phone 020 8642 6388

^ What you get at your Children's Party ^

Stevan provides all the following Free

Party Bags; 7 Items worth over 2.50, (Typical bag for Girls. Please note; items may change due to availability of of supply)

Magic trick, shop price 1



Hair slide

Teddy bear whistle

Wrist watch puzzle

Fun sheet with tricks and puzzles.

Invitations; Bright yellow with cartoons and RSVP slip.

Name button badges; 2.5" Bright shiny yellow. (Not a stick on patch)

Pass the Parcel; With super 30-50p pocket money toys provided as prizes.

Birthday presents; Worth 5-6.

Giant Birthday card; 17" x 12".

Insurance; 5 Million cover.

Safety; Stevan is Safety trained and "Safety Checked"  by the CRB, this means you KNOW who is coming to the party.

^ Questions that are often asked...... ^

Does Stevan only do Birthday Parties?

No Stevan is a fully rounded Full-time Professional, who covers, Wedding, Christenings, Birthdays, in fact any gathering where children are gather and need entertaining.

Do I need a hall?

The show can be held either in the home or in a hall, help can be given in finding halls and in some cases a discount can be obtained on your behalf, but you should not need a hall for less than 20-25 children, remember this a professionally run party that will not get out of control.

Does it matter if the Children have seen Stevan before?

No the show changes frequently and anyway every show is different in no small part because the children are different and their participation is a big part of the show. Stevan is frequently told how the family video of their party is the favourite video for many children, children love repetition, think of their favourite bed-time story.

Do I need to provide anything?

No, as a full-time professional Stevan brings everything that he needs, (this is the advantage of a Pro over a new comer with a "Day job") although a cup of tea is always welcome.

Can the Party be held outside?

Not a problem, but you must think about some sort of shade, the children will be sitting in the Sun for over an hour.

Do I need to provide music?

No Stevan brings his own music and sound equipment, a power point is an advantage but not vital as the equipment has built in power.

How about safety?

As a safety checked entertainer you know who is entertaining your children, also all his equipment is regularly checked, especially the sound equipment, this is Coomber equipment, as supplied to schools. .

How long does Stevan need to set up?

Only a few moments, although he always like to arrived about 15-20mins before the party is due to start, so that he can get make friends with the Birthday child.

May I Video the show?

Stevan has no objection to your videoing for personal use, unlike many new-comers, Stevan does not think any-one could "Steal" his show, after all any-one could video him off the television.

What areas does the show cover?

Stevan and Bitza live on the Surrey London Border, they cover Guildford to West Wickham and Wimbledon/Mitcham to Crawley, if you are in, near or unsure a phone will answer your question.

How much does Stevan charge?

Probably less than you think, so why not phone, because first we need to look at the date. Most people book between 2-3 months in advance, so don't wait, pick up the phone today.

When is the best time to phone?

There no time like now, Remember Stevan is Full-time professional so is available 24/7 unless he is doing a show, at which time he has an answering machine. So phone now in order not to miss You Best and Easiest Party ever.

^ What people have said ^

Best and Easiest

It was Charlie's best and easiest party ever, but then you would expect that from someone with over 30 years experience, especially some-one who is a full time professional, as my friend said "You wouldn't trust TV repair to a part time, so why trust one with your child's party".

Stevan arrived a good 15mins before the children were due and was soon great friends with Charlie, unlike others I've seen he provided everything from super invitations to really high quality free party bags.

As soon as a few children had arrived he started really fun musical games, that had the children laughing from the start, this soon spread to the adults when Bitza "The Puppet Pooch" joined him. Bitza is over 3ft tall and is an arm puppet, although this was hard to remember as we were all laughing so much at his antics. It is no wonder he has been so popular at County Shows and on TV.

After Bitza Stevan got all the children to the tea table without the usual Gallop, Squabble and Gobble, which meant a lovely peaceful meal.

Following tea with more fun around the tea table, the Magic was even more fun, with Charlie magicing up a superb name badge for every-one, together with an enormous birthday card & over 5 worth of presents from Stevan.

As the children left Stevan provided free party bags of really high quality (7 items worth over 2.50) for every-one.

Our video of it all is fast becoming Charlie's favourite and he tells every-one he wants to be a Magic Man just like Stevan.

Needless to say we have already booked Bitza and Stevan for next year.


Stevan is a Children's Entertainer who is Safety Registered by the CRB,
and who subscribes to NEAC Guidelines.

STEVAN, Professional Magical Entertainer, Member of the British Magical Society.
2, West Way, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey. SM5 4EW Tel. 020 8642 6388 Fax. 020 8286 2762